Spine Misalignment

Most people think that auto accidents, athletic injuries and other violent trauma are the primary causes of vertebrae alignment problems. However the more common ways for a spine to become misaligned revolve around the daily aspects of life: emotional stress and nutrition. As stress builds up, muscles tighten, soft tissues are effected and nerve interference is created. Exposure to chemicals that are present in many “fast foods” and artificial food substances also cause the body to react negatively. This involves the muscles and the nervous system in what is called the viscerosomatic response. Can these minor misalignments really affect your overall health? Absolutely!  The affects of a misaligned spine can:

  • Lower your resistance to disease
  • Slow your body’s healing ability
  • Reduce your level of energy and awareness
  • Hinder your body’s overall ability to manage itself
Breck Butterfield